Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Wintery Punch

outmywindowThe official start of winter isn’t until the 21st but Old Man Winter must have his own calendar that he uses.

     I am a transplant from Northern California to Western Pennsylvania. I was born and raised there and I have no relatives here. Many ask me why I moved here. The reasons are many but the main ones are I hated California and I got a divorce and wanted to be as far from the ex as possible. I think 3000 plus miles did that.

     What I didn’t expect was the amount of snow this state can get at any given time. The first year I was here, I gave myself a spot of frostbite without knowing it. My friend Judy made me come inside from shoveling snow and told me that I was crazy. It was only after my face started thawing out did I even know it had frozen.

     I still love the snow as long as I don’t have to go anywhere in it. I am like a small kid when I can just go out and play in it. For many that is just strange for a 43 year old to behave as if a child, but then not many women tell their age either.

     Starting late December 18 the snow began to fall and I don’t know what time it stopped but today, December 20, I can see from my window that there is almost two feet of snow. I’ll have to go out to the local spring to get water as the pipes here are frozen.


     Living in a rural area my road may or may not be plowed depending on how the local township personal feel. I don’t own a snow blower so snow removal from the driveway will be manual and while I am doing that the bloodhound, Trixie will be out on her lead making snow doggy angels. If she doesn’t know I have the camera I might actually get a photo of her doing so.

     Well I need to go suit up for the cold, powdery stuff.



Dittman said...

I didn't know you are a transplant! CA's loss is our gain!

@eloh said...

You are the first person, other than me, that has openly stated hating California... I lived in Redlands for a year one day.

Didn't even know I had a big view of Big Bear until the winds blew in and took the smog away.