Monday, March 1, 2010

Mischievous Ferrets

     Ferrets can be a source of entertainment and for many a great stress reliever but they also are capable of getting into a lot of mischief. James and Lance are very much like the old Wriggly® double mint gum commercial where they say, “Double your fun” but with these two it’s double the mischief.

     They seem to have several methods of being able to get into trouble or more like getting away with something. Some of these include: Mom look at me while the other takes something, Divide and conquer, Hide and seek. There are others but these three have been the focus this weekend.

  kodak 038     Many of you know that James and Lance are caged because of the bloodhound, Trixie, due to her prey instincts although I do let them out occasionally while she is still in the room. They all are fascinated by the other but it would only take Trixie stomping her huge paw on one of the boys to end his life so I am super vigilant when she is in the room.

     However, most times the room is emptied of the other critters and the boys are given free access to it. Depending on the time of day and how bored they are the mischief doesn’t start until about ten minutes out of the cage.

     I think part of it is that they have to see what all has changed in the room once the inspection is done all is fair game for the ferret games.

   james_of_jessie1   James has this fascination for plastic bags and climbs inside them no matter if it is empty or full. If empty, he does the dance of joy in them until Lance comes and sees what is going on and wants to join James in the bag. Where weasel wrestling commences until James gets tired and leaves the bag.

    Lance1 Lance then will make sure I am looking at him being cute. This weekend while I was distracted by Lance’s cute play James got my pocket calculator and took off with it. Only reason I knew he had was that he ran past Lance and I to get to his hidey-hole. What James doesn’t know is that I have already retrieved it.

     Divide and conquer is the newest strategy in collecting the most loot. I know something is up when they both go into a corner and look like two kids discussing something in secret. When they come out of the corner they waddle calmly to the center of the floor and they spilt off in opposite direction at a full trot.

     Only reason I know something is being swiped is that it makes noise. James’s attempts at things included my dice box of 80 dice and miniatures, the keychain bumble ball, car keys, my wallet, my wireless mouse for my net book, dog’s squeaky toy, and I am sure he got several other things but hidey-hole cleaning day isn’t until Tuesday.

     Lance’s haul would have included 4 forks, bottle of pain relieve, my jump drive, alarm clock, pencil bag, my journalism bag which contains 3 notepads, assortment of pens and pencils, business cards, headphones, camera, digital recorder, replacement batteries, mini flashlight, and a change purse. I am sure that he made off with several socks and at least two small stuffed animals. Both boys tried to take my cell phone but the charger cord stopped that from happening.

     Lance’s love for socks has grown into an obsession. No sock is now safe from his addiction. I fold laundry while the boys are out and haven’t rolled a pair of socks into the balls I used to for some time now but because both boys will climb into the basket while I am folding the clean laundry I have a small pile of old clothes on the floor for them to play hide and seek in.

     Lance made great use of the game by making sure I would see him climb into a shirtsleeve, disappear into the pile, and then stick his nose out to show where he was at before pulling it back in. What I didn’t realize was that the other sleeve of the shirt came out behind the basket.

     Lance would wait until I would hang an unmated sock over the side of the basket until I found the mate. Only problem was when I thought I found the mate the other sock was gone. At first I thought it was because it had fallen back into the basket and I had just picked up the same sock then as I went to place the sock over the edge of the basket Lance came out of his hiding place and grabbed the sock. Lance’s game collected him 15 socks all hidden in the pile.

     These two little guys have lived up to their Latin name of little thief quite well this weekend along with making me laugh at their antics. Any and all comments are welcomed.



Anonymous said...

I am thinking of buying a couple of female ferrets very soon. I'm really excited but I'm also wondering how mischievous they are as well. :) by reading this they seem very energetic and adorable. :)

Jo said...

Dear Anonymous,

Is there any reason you have decided on females? Also have you looked into rescues/shelters? Many have younger ferrets looking for forever homes?
Ferrets are a lot of work and are not cage pets like many pet stores would have you believe. They need a min of 2 hours a day out of thier cage and in a ferret proofed area. A great book to get is Ferrets for Dummys.

As to how mischievous they are think about a kitten and a two year old rolled into one that never grows up.

Ferrets can be expensive vet care wise. Vaccines needed are Rabies and Distemper. Heartworm is becoming a problem for them too and there is hartguard for ferrets.

Not all vets treat ferrets and you should find one near you before getting your ferrets.

If you rent make sure your landlord allows ferrets or is okay with having them in resident.

Ferrets can almost out nap a cat and will take a nap anywhere he/she wants.

Please be sure to read more than just this entry about ferrets and do a lot of research about them.

Both the boys in this post have crossed over the rainbow bridge but I now have Manny and Marcuz.