Friday, February 12, 2010

Bamboo Pet Product Review

     In keeping with the National Pet Dental Month theme I asked Bamboo® pet products if I could review one of their toothbrushes for cats in hopes that it would be an alternative to the fingertip toothbrush. In response I was sent one QuadBrush® and two tins of breath mints for cats and dogs.


     I like the unique design of the QuadBrush®. The one side offers three bristle heads for cleaning all sides of the teeth. The other side has a single head of bristles for cleaning those hard to reach places. The textured handle makes it easy to grip and keeps my fingers away from those sharp teeth.

     Unfortunately, the brush is too big for my fur kid’s mouths but the single head does allow me the opportunity to brush their teeth on one side.

     The QuadBrush® comes in three colors: Blue, pink, and yellow-green. It also has a sanitary cover to keep the brush clean but it is temperamental about staying closed sometimes it only takes a slight bump for it to pop open.

     The breath mints were the biggest hit. The CatToids™ and DogToid™ tins are cute in design and easy to open with one hand or one paw as Majic figured out. The mints themselves are just as whimsical as the tins. The mints are in the shapes of fish and bones.


     James insists that he has to pick out his own CatToid™ mint from the tin. Lance prefers the DogToid™ mints. Trixie thinks she needs a handful at a time of either mint.

     Overall, the QuadBrush® is great for keeping my fingers safe and I can use the one side for cleaning Lance and Jame’s teeth. The design is great for animals with larger mouths.

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The Sanitary cover needs some work as it opens too easily or doesn’t close at all.


     Cat and DogToids™ wonderful tin design in both decoration and easy opening. Smart pets can easily open the tin. The small shapes are easy to grab and chew by ferrets and other animals.


     Thank you Bamboo® pet products for allowing us the chance to review your products. The breath mints have become a new addition to our household.


Bamboo® pet products can be found online at:

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