Friday, April 16, 2010

Be the Change Challenge

     BlogPaws opened up so many new avenues that it was hard to settle down and actually figure out how I wanted to be part of the Be the Change Challenge of helping Pets without Parents of Columbus, OH today. The goal was five hundred dollars but can we show this great shelter how much BlogPaws loved visiting Columbus and the pet bloggers that got to go to BlogPaws though our posts and twitter updates by reaching fifteen hundred?

     I also wanted to stay part of the change. I already promote returning the Black-footed ferret back to its habitat and Skye’s Wildlife Rehabilitation but these two great efforts are for our wild counterparts. It isn’t enough and being the only ferret blogger at BlogPaws I wanted to find a charity that would resonate with me and fit into the framework of my blog.

     This last week reminded me of how much we love our fur babies and sometimes forget that they age faster than we do. Lance gave me a scare and while it seems at the moment he is going to be fine it drove home that he might not be here next year. Nine is old for a ferret. So I started looking for ferret rescues that might be worthy of Lance’s status of an Old Man. Many of the sites I checked out haven’t been updated in years and make it hard for me to put a link to them without knowing if they are still active.

     Then I came across the site for the Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and Rescue (HOFA). They have a page for older ferrets that will spend the rest of their lives in special foster homes where they are loved and cared for until it is their turn to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

     Many have been surrender because their owners either can’t afford the treatments they need to live or can’t face the fact their beloved clown is going to die soon.

     HOFA is non-profit and all donations go to helping the ferrets. My goal is to help these hospice ferrets. A $10 donation will pay for a month worth of medication and food for one of these sweethearts but even a dollar will help.

They are also in need of these items:





Food bowls

Water bottles

Litter pans and Litter


More to come about this shelter.




George The Duck said...

That's super Jo! I did not even know there were ferret rescue organization. What a dumb duck! QOL I'll be excited to learn more!

Lookie Lou said...

Hi Jo! Congratulations! Your blog is featured on's Pets Teach Us So Much Blog as Pet Blogger of the week on