Monday, April 19, 2010

National Wildlife Week

     I am dedicating this week to two wildlife organizations that I believe in and support. They are Skye Spirit's Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center (SSWREC) and the Prairie Wildlife Research (PWR). Enthusiastic and dedicated individuals run both of these organizations. Who have made a difference in the lives of the wildlife they have helped.

     Today’s focus is on Skye Spirit’s Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center.

     MaryJane Arroya opened SSWREC in 1998 in an effort to help injured wildlife regain their health and return to the wild. She has not only put her heart and soul into caring for these animals she has used her own money when donations weren’t available to sustain operations.

     Each year the amount of baby animals she receives increases because of human interaction, other animals, and nature. This last week she received a baby bird that was just coming out of its shell. It was found on the ground so no one knew what happened that caused it to be there with the bottom half of the shell still attached.

     Baby squirrels were brought to her after a trailer had been bought and moved several miles from where it had been. They were found when the new owners started cleaning the trailer. Luckily for these little guys it was only hours and not days before they were found.

     MaryJane’s main passion is for the birds of prey. These beautiful hunters come into her care after a car or a tractor-trailer has hit them as they swooped down on their prey. Many recover from their injuries and are released back into the wild.

     Those unable to be returned to the open skies are able to have a life at SSWREC and help with fostering younger birds along with helping to educate the public about these large birds.

     This weekend, April 24, 2010, SSWREC is having a baby shower for all the baby animals she has and will receive. As part of the Be the Change challenge I am having a give away I would like to present SSWREC with a donation of 50 dollars that will be doubled by the generosity of an anonymous family at the baby shower.

     I will give away to two lucky commenter/pledges their choice of a dog or cat surprise from Nip and Bones , or tote bag from enlightened ferret

     First the disclaimer: This give away is not sponsored by anyone but me and I am receiving no compensation other than the feeling joy and accomplishment from this give away.

How to enter:

Donate at least a dollar using the widget.


     Leave me a comment saying you donated and which prize you would like.

     If  from nip and bones tell me if it is for a dog or cat. For a dog the size and age of the dog.

Extra entries:

Tweet: I just helped SSWREC help an animal u can 2 by donating here

Join SSWREC FB page

     You can leave me a note saying that you have done either or both. Just leave me your twitter name and your FB name.

Contest ends at the end April 25.


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