Friday, April 30, 2010

The FURminator® and the Ferret

     Okay first the disclaimer: I was only compensated with a free item to keep. I have reviewed the item here and the opinions are solely my own and may differ from other opinions presented elsewhere.

     I was given the opportunity to review a grooming tool called the FURminator®. The day it arrived I had followed the FedEx truck into the driveway. I am not sure what the driver thought was happening but he left a lot quicker than he normally does.

     Inside I found the FURminator® as it is presented in the stores. The first thing that I liked before I had ever touched the tool was the package design.

     The triangular design allowed one to see every side of the tool and didn’t have a lot of excess plastic that you would normally see. It was also easy to open no hacksaw was required that many items need to even getting into the contents.

     The FURminator® is a deShedding tool that helps to reduce the amount of loose hair an animal sheds and leaves behind on the furniture, the floor, and your clothes.

     The FURminator® comes in two models and four sizes. The one I received was the deluxe model for small pets.

     I have looked at other types of grooming tools to use on my ferrets but just picking up the package was enough of a deterrent to leave the store empty handed.

     Unlike those tools the FURminator® is a joy to hold and the handle fits well into my small hands. A child can easily use this tool.

     Now it was time for the real test. I got James out of his cage and holding him I managed to get one stroke of the tool down his back before James twisted and in an instant decided he was in love with the tool.

     In love by a ferret is that it belongs in his/her hidey-hole right this second. James has never insisted that something was his by use of vocal communication. He would just wait until I wasn’t looking and take it.

     Not this time. He hissed his demand that I let go of his new love this second and when I didn’t he gave me a couple of nips in an attempt to get me to let go it. After a few minutes of this discussion he allowed me to use the FURminator® on him again.


James and the FURMinator(r)


     Of course when I shot the video James decided he was more interested in his treat than the tool.

     After using the FURminator® on James’ coat I could feel the difference. It was softer and gave James’ a sleeker look. Although James’ has basically finished his shedding I am going to love having this grooming tool for when he starts shedding again this fall.

     The other feature I love about this tool is how easy it is to clean. A simple push of a button called the FURejector and the hair is ejected out. It makes grooming a squirming ferret easy in that you can hold your ferret with one hand and groom and clean the tool with the other hand.

     While there may cheaper grooming tools on the market the FURminator® is well worth the money. Be sure to check out their site at

     Also I didn’t realize that today April 30 was National Hairball Awareness Day please take a moment to read my post about ferrets and hairballs as they aren’t just for cats.

     Now for the paw rating of this grooming tool. In the few products I have reviewed none have ever met the high standards of my ferrets or me that is until now and has received a Paw Rating of Five.

      With that in mind the FURminator® also receives the




Thank you Beth for allowing me the opportunity to review this pawsome tool.




Spike said...

We haf a Furminator too and it is great. Nice video of James.

Jo said...

Thanks for the comment Spike. I think we are all in love with the Furminator here even the bloodhound demands that it get used on her head. *LOL*