Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday James and Other Big Things.


          May is James’ gotcha month and he is a whopping 10 years old. He is slowing down a bit but is still able to put Manny in his place when his rambuncous behavior gets to James.

     I spend a lot of time with James as I know our time maybe limited and I want him to remember that even there is a new guy in the house he is still my fur kid and always will be.

     It is the little things that remind me of how old he is. I had to lower his sleeping ball so he could climb in and out of it without having to jump.

     He takes a lot more naps than he used to and I am having to add baby food to his diet so I know he is getting enough nutrition. Though he is slowing down he still loves to do things such as steal my calulator, and nom on Marshall Bandit® Beacon and Raisin flavored treats. He also loves his walks outdoors.

     Happy Birthday James my old man I love you.


     We at Enlightened Ferret are planning big things for June. More about that to come just know it will include some fun stuff.


     Please welcome a newbie to twitter his name is Snot face critter and has wrapped My pet blog around his tiny paw. For those that don’t know the markings or colors Snot face has blaze markings with white mitts the dark coloring of his fur would likely put him in the sable class. snotfacecritter

  Check out his introduction from his new mom at Blog Paws   I am pretty sure I have an idea of how he got the name Snot Face but that isn’t for me to tell. 




Life With Dogs said...

That just might be the best pet name ever!
By the way, it was great meeting you at Blog Paws!

Jo said...

First I have to make a correction Snotface is only a visitor at Mypetblog with his mommy but still he is a cutie.

and I have to agree it might be the best pet name ever.