Friday, April 9, 2010

Update from BlogPaws: The Evening

     What a pawsome group of people I have met so far tonight. Met @FrugalDougal’s mom, @GeorgetheDuck, Your daily cute, @AmazonCares and many others. I’ve talked ferrets to a lot of people and made a lot of connections. georgetheduck


     One of the best moments was being able to play it forward.

     You see I won my BlogPaws registration back in January saving me a nice chunk of change. I was one of many that wanted the Bissell vacuum cleaner but I didn’t win that I won the next prize. A 500 dollar food donation from Del Monte Pet Food to a charity of my choice and 200 dollars for myself.

     My first thought was to donatate it to AmazonCares but then realized that might not be possible. So I asked my new table mates Designcoyote and her co hort if I love Rescue Animals was their charity and found out that while that wasn’t they did work for Central Texas Feline Rescue. I told them I was donating my prize to them. I thought they both were going to cry. The charity has been paying out of their own pockets to feed these animals.

     I don’t know all the people in my pictures so if you see one of you please comment with which picture as I am going to number them and your name. founders Pic 1 Tom Collins,Yvonne DiVita and Caroline Golon

PICT0121 Pic 2 Sue Resnicoff: Del Monte Foods

keynotespeaker Pic 3 Charlotte Reed speaking

PICT0105 Pic 4 @dogfiles with Max and I am not sure who he was with sorry I am bad with names.

PICT0115 Pic 5 TPPCtv

PICT0113 Pic 6 just snapped it.


     After talking to a lot of people about blogging and ferrets I have returned to my room and was greeted by another pawsome advertisement.PICT0125 Going to be talking to them about their product and the possibilities it might offer my furkids.

     Ordered a salad and decided to splurge and have something sweet. Doesn’t this espresso raspberry chocolate cake look nommy?PICT0128


     Driver is going out on the town tonight. Depending on how I feel I may wander back down towards the lobby and see what is going on down there.




Nikki said...

I did start crying! Ash and I are just so honored and I can promise you, so much good will happen to the cats we work with because of your generosity. Thank you thank you thank you! You really are our angel tonight. =^..^=

You can find out more about CTFR at their site: (and us at I Love Rescue Animals).

That cake looks amazing! I just may have to try it at some point.

Thank you again Jo!

Jo said...

Glad to help out where I can and I knew it would do the most good given to you guys. Glad to have met you both.

George The Duck said...

OMD I feel so famous to be on your blog! It was so fun to meet you at BlogPaws. *ducky hugs*

Jo said...

It was fun and I was glad to meet you at BlogPaws also *ferrety hugs*