Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ferret Merchandise

     Please take a moment to check out Knob Nots. The link will take you to the ferret page but this is only a small selection of what KnobNots  has to offer.

Ferret Knob hangers Just a sample of what you will find at KnobNots.

     These cute door hangers let people know that you have an animal inside that might try to escape or that the baby is sleeping and you don’t want the doorbell rang.

     They also offer I.C.E tags for doors and crates. KnobNots also offers door hangers for dog, cat, and bird owners.


     I was lucky enough to win one of these sturdy door hangers in a twitter trivia contest and I love mine. It will be a part of the boy’s traveling stuff for when we are staying in hotels. Housekeeping doesn’t always way a moment or two before opening the door.

     A ferret eager to explore will be out the door in seconds and might not even be noticed until it has escaped to the outside.

     KnobNots offers free shipping and handling in the United States and the prices are very fair.


     Give them a gander and check out their blog at  or follow them on Twitter.



Disclaimer: I am not receiving any compensation for this endorsement of KnobNot door hangers. This is my own opinion of the site and the product.


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