Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pet Blog Hop


     This is week 3 of the Pet Blog Hop. What a neat way to connect to other pet bloggers and be able to read what is on their minds. Some blogs are written from the pet’s point of view and others from their hooman’s.

     Enlightened Ferret started out as a place to put important information regarding the care and ownership of ferrets. Along the way friends were made and places found that have made an impact on our mission.

     Enlightened Ferret believes that all animals, wild and domesticated, should be treated with the utmost respect. Most were here before us humans ever came to be. It sickens us that we as a species can be so cruel to such wonderful animals be they canine, feline, rodent, reptile, mustela, amphibian, or insectiod.

     Monday will see James james_of_jessie  turn officially 10 years old and kicks off 25c cents for seniors. We are asking that you take a moment and donate ten cents to Heart of Ohio Ferret Rescue and Association to help decrease their burden of caring for senior ferrets that won’t find another forever home because of their age and/or illness.

   10dollars  Ten dollars a month helps to defray the medical cost for one hospice/senior ferret. It is hard to image anyone giving up their pet after many years together but sometimes the medical bills for a sick ferret is too much for some and for others it is the thought of losing their best friend to death.

     When we reach our first $20 of donations Enlightened Ferret will give away a small gift pack that includes a $5 petsmart card and some other goodies. To be included in the give away leave a comment below.

     And take a hop from here to another blog in the pet blogosphere. Join in the fun by adding your name to Mr.. the Pet Hop button on your bloggie and join in the fun!!


This is a blog hop

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This weekend is also the twitter #pawparty starting at 2pm and running 24hrs.

Come and have a blast. The theme is cooking and there will be music, nom noms, and prizes.


Nico and The Bandit said...

Cheers from the blog hop! We don't have any ferret friends, so we are very excited to meet you!

Jo said...

Nico and The Bandit nice to meet you hope you hop back once in a while. *chitters*

Jes said...

Howdy from the blog hop! We used to have a ferret friend, so we were very pleased to find you.

Jo said...

Jes glad you found us. Hope you come back.