Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day

     It is almost noon and still my fur babies sleep. This is only slightly unusual as they haven’t demanded their breakfast or morning loves and this unusual behavior only seems to happen on certain days.

     I don’t mean days of the week either. My roommate’s child (Nate) and mine (William) are both grown and out living their own lives. So Mother’s day is a quiet event here. We might go out for breakfast but mostly we just stay in and let the day go by. This year Nate is going to take us out for dinner, which is nice since we haven’t seen him since the beginning of April.

     Maybe it is just the peaceful pace we live in that has James and Manny sleeping in today. Come the rest of the days they will be up at 6 in the morning wanting their breakfast and some playtime before taking a nap for a couple of hours before waking back up and wanting to play some more and if they haven’t scarfed their breakfast completely they will have a nibble or two before settling back down for another nap before supper and the last play time before the hooman’s bedtime.

     Today that routine is different. Both sleep until both hoomans are awake. When let out to play James’ will bring me a gift of one of the stolen items I haven’t been able to find with a ferrety grin that says “See I love you mom. I got this just for you.”

     As this is Manny’s first Mother’s day I am not sure how he is going to react and I am amazed that he is still asleep. Ferrets under the age of one seem to be constantly on the go, but he may have been up all night in his cage and wore himself out for the morning hours.

     There are many types of moms out there and range from the traditional mother, grandmother, and so forth to those that are moms to animals. We animal mothers love our babies and sometimes spoil them but in return we are all given the gift of love from our children. No matter if they are human or animal.

Happy Mother’s Day Moms



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