Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Surprise in the Mail


     A while back our hooman won some prizes at a pawpawty. One of the prizes was a surprise from Cookie Man Cat AKA Sad lovely heart on twitter.

     What a surprise we got. It was a big package

ferret away

     That’s me, James, looking away at the last moment.


     The package came from a place called Canada and it had a lot of pretty tape, white and red with red leaves.

from Canada Manny tried to help but got bored and ran off to play.

     Inside was the best stuff. Jingle balls, fur covered mice in rainbow colors and the best thing ever! Bandit treats!!


PICT0213 The Bandit treats are chicken flavored. Manny hasn’t developed the palate for treats yet so they are ALL mine.

nom nom mine!


     Here is Manny going spastic over the new toys.



     Our hooman, Manny, and I thank you for a great surprise on such a rainy day. It gave us something to do and let us forget about not being able to go out for a walk. Wez in training for a special walk. More on that next week from our hooman.

Check out our haul and the cute card we got.



     Thank you Cookie Man Cat and the rest of your brofurs and sistfurs, and of course your Hooman.



James and Manny

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