Monday, May 24, 2010

My Bifday

     My hooman already told you it was my bifday today. It’s actually my gotcha day but does it really matter? I got lots of treats and got a lot of attention today.

     The silly hooman made my brofur and I these silly hatsPICT0251 cause she said that they don’t make them small enough for us ferrets. She even made one for Trixie who let her take a couple of pictures before eating it.


     I got a couple of treats in my food bowl that isn’t the norm for my hooman so I knew something was up. I wanted to go for my walk today so I was climbing my cage demanding to be let out. She kept saying she had a couple of things to do first. One of which was to get that camera out. UtOh dat means she is going to be snapping that thing all the time.

PICT0258  PICT0262 PICT0263 PICT0266

     Well I guess since most of the pictures were of me I’ll let it slide this time. I even gave her a couple of cute poses. I felt good today and raced up the drive way twice and climbed out of the playpen.

 PICT0271 PICT0270

     Then Manny and I got to play in the playroom for a little while. My hooman said it was to wear Manny out a little bit if that is even possible. I was mad at her cause she wouldn’t give me any treats no matter how much I begged but I fooled her I had a couple hidden in the other hooman’s shoe. Bandit® treats get chewy after a day out of the bag.

     Finally she took us back downstairs along with that camera and the stand she uses occasionally. Trixie followed us down trying to smell Manny and I. Once downstairs she put us in Trixie’s crate while she set up the camera. Trixie and us had a nose-to-nose chat while she did this.

     Then my hooman left us there in the crate and disappeared. I heard her go back up the stairs and then come back down. She had something in her hand but I couldn’t really see what it was but Trixie must have smelt something really good cause she was trying to get it and my hooman told her she would be in trouble if she didn’t stop. Amazingly Trixie did stop and let my hooman put it down on this dark cloth. She took a couple of pictures before getting Manny and I out of the crate.


     She put those silly hats on us and then let us see what was on the cloth. Oooooooooooo Treats lots of them on top of what my hooman called a bifday cake. Don’t worry she didn’t let us have too much of it. She cut Manny and I each a small slice and let Trixie have a whole one. PICT0275

  PICT0278 PICT0279  PICT0280PICT0281

     In the center was this gooey stuff and it was good but it was even better after I put a greenie in it. My hooman made this little wooden ferret and painted it. It’s cute but I prefer my treats next to it. I was stuffed so my hooman put the last of my treats in my food bowl for me to nibble on later.

     I guess it’s worth being called an old man for all these goodies. This was also my first bifday pawty. I wonder how often we get bifdays?

James  weezilpawburning

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Your Daily Cute said...

Happy Bifday!!!

You are adorable in your hats. :)

Jo said...

*chittes* Thank you YDC