Monday, May 24, 2010

James’ Birthday

     It is amazing to me that out of my original eight ferrets I still have James. He has always been the most easy going guy I’ve known. He would let others go ahead of him for food or water. It didn’t matter who his sleep buddy was or if they wanted to sleep on top of him that was all right too.

     Most of you know I was worried about how he would deal without Lance so I started spending more time with him outside mostly to give him something else to do other than wonder around the playroom looking for his buddy. It has been a great experience for Manny, James, and I. We start at the bottom of the driveway and take our time walking back up.

     PICT0202 James likes to play in the tall grass checking to see if there are any holes he can go down. Manny thinks he is a lot bigger than he really is and will try to chase after one of the ATVs that go roaring past. PICT0204

     Once James has gotten his legs stretched out he will walk a bit faster up the driveway and heads for the outdoor pen for a few minutes of rest and relaxation. Which isn’t easy with Manny trying to get James to play all the time.

     Yesterday for the first time James ran up the driveway to the playpen where he rested for a little bit and then was the one to climb out of it ready to do it all over again. It was good to see that he had worked some of that stiffness out of his back legs.

     James would be 70 years old in dog years I don’t know if it is the same for ferrets or not but he gives me dirty looks when I call him “My old man.”

    PICT0246 It’s James’ birthday today and the kick off of cents for seniors. We have all felt the squeeze of the economy. Some more than others but the big dollars go for more essential things such as food, housing, and vehicles leaving less to give to charities that we might want to support.

     With that in mind we decided it would be easier to donate a few cents towards a goal of $500 to help senior ferrets that no longer have a forever home for one reason or another.

     Heart of Ohio Ferret Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and Rescue was created in 1996 and is a non-profit shelter that relies on the kindness of strangers. They also put on the largest ferret show called the Buckeye Bash. While they have many ferrets that are adoptable and can be found here.It is the hospice ferrets  we are interested in helping.

     These are the old folks of ferretdom and for different reasons have come to live their last days/months/years with a caring person who gives them love along with whatever medical need they have.

     As stated on their site: For each donation of $10 we can provide food and most medications for a month. The love and attention is free! At this time they have 50 seniors in their care. Won’t you donate a few cents to the fund and wish James a happy 10th birthday.

     We are doing a give away once we hit the smaller goal of $25 so be sure to leave a comment to be counted in the give away you don’t have to say if you donated or not. We will be giving away a small box of goodies that will include a $5 pet smart card and other surprises.


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