Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Air travel: My pet is not cargo!

     I was looking for ways to get to Bark World Expo and Blog paws West  that would allow me to have my boys with me. I started looking at airlines that allowed ferrets on board.

     The only one I found was Delta and while the pet fee was a little high for my taste I figured I’d ask about if both boys could fly in one carrier.

     This is why I am upset. Even though both my boys together weigh a mere ten pounds they aren’t allowed in the cabin. What! I am paying a high pet fee for my fur kids to fly in the cargo hold? Delta was nice enough to give me a number for Pets First. Sounds like a good start right?

     I told them I was interested in information on transporting ferrets that didn’t seem to compute all they wanted to know from where the flight was coming from and going to. Then asked me how many crates I would need.

      CRATES! I told them thank you for your time and hung up. The only other information I got was they would be unescorted. So my two beautiful boys were to be treated like a package. I am sorry but my boys are not fur covered animatronics things they are living breathing creatures.

     So then I remembered that a new airline had been started just for pets. They got to fly in the main cabin with someone that was a trained pet attendant. Okay great I can take my ferrets on a plane and fly to my destination. Nope No Humans but the pilots and the attendant allowed. Now Pet Airways prices are great for the traveling pet.

     I would deal with my own issues and let them fly alone to our destination. My only problem now is that they don’t fly out of the two airports that are closest to me.

     Now I guess I have to work to either get Pet Airways  into one of the airports near me or find out just why ferrets can’t fly in the cabin.

     What do you think the reason might be for NOT allowing ferrets in the cabin?


A very frustrated and upset,



Boris Kitty said...

Da moovie snakes on a plane comes to mind when i reads ur post!

I finks it horribles dat dey can no go wif u. I gonna boycotts all airlines n neber fly cause of how dey treats ma woozle pals!

We must stands up fur ferret rites!

MizzBassie said...

I think it's because of some crazy federal regulation that the airlines can't be bothered to deal with. My guess is there's enough demand for cats and dogs in the cabin so they make sure they can do it but it's not worth their while to write up a protocol for other animals.

Jo said...

Thanks Boris.

MizzBassie, it seems that many animals can fly in the cabin but for some reason ferrets can't fly in the cabin. I haven't gotten the reason why still and keep getting quoted what is on the site. Guess I need to call and ask to speak to the next higher person in the quest to find the answer.