Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Year old and still Learning

     Wow it’s hard to believe that Enlightened Ferret is almost a year old already. So much has happened since I first started this blog. I didn’t know that it would help people understand these small little creatures and their crazy owners.

     I also never thought it would bring me into a community of other like-minded people on twitter let alone to a pet conference where I got to interact with so many other people.

     In celebration of the blog turning a year old and the walk James and Manny will be doing soon we are going to have a twitter pawty on June 26th from 6-11 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time).

  outlawsavatar    The theme is outlaws and gangsters. The pawty is to help raise money for Heart of Ohio Ferret Rescue and Association to help the senior ferrets that reside with them. The hash tag will be #hideyhole please RSVPS here  Come as your favorite outlaw/gangster as we eat, dance, and trivia towards a goal of $500. There will also be prizes.

     This is pawty with a goal but no one is obligated to donate. This is meant to be a fun time. Please realize that twitter sometimes doesn’t post in a timely manner or does it so quick that it is lost among other posts it also depends on if the fail whale eats your post. If you feel that you have been overlooked please retweet the post again. We anipals are not snobby but posts do get missed sometimes.

     The walk James, Manny, and I were going to do was suppose to be 21 miles long but with the way PA weather has been it will be reduced to 12 miles.

     This allows for ferret adventures that means allowing James and Manny time to sniff the area, potty breaks, and playtime in a new place.

     It also means I won’t be carrying more weight than I can handle for too long. I will be doing a video(s) of the walk and posting it to YouTube when we are finished. At this time the walk is planned for June 26 but depends on the weather for the day.


     Who knows where another year will take us but hopefully you will be long for the ride.





Pumpkinpuddy said...

Hi. I met you at #nipclub last night and I just found your blog through bloghop. Hope you'll stop by my blog.

George the Lad said...

Hi am George from the UK just popped in from the blog hop,
Mom started jumping up and down when she saw you have ferrets, I'm passed her the keyboard to have a couple of words.
Both me and my husband love ferrets we've had 5 over the years, Micky and Musky, Nepoleon, Carlotte and Hamish and they do make lovely pets. so playfull and the nosies they make, Howard my husband only said the other day a Ferret would give George a run for his money Will be following your blog and look forward to the posts.

See Yea Jan and George xxx

Two Little Cavaliers said...

Thanks for joining the Blog Hop. Hope to be able to make it to your Twitter Pawty since I haven't made it to one in a while. Would love to foster a ferret or two who are awaiting their forever special homes.


Chewy said...


I am chewy the shih Tzu and I saw you on the blog hop. My momma was so excited because she had a ferret named cebu for 10 years! She really loved that ferret. Well I look forward to ready your posts. Yeah.

Paws and Licks,