Monday, July 12, 2010

Review of Young Again Ferret Food

 PICT0601     On May 5th I received a free bag of Young Again Ferret food from Young Again Pet Foods.

     When I was asked if I would like to receive a bag I expected a small trial size bag that would maybe hold enough for three days of feeding. What a surprise it was to receive a full size bag of food. PICT0603

     Because Manny has a warranty on him I have to feed him a “Named” food for a year.

     James on the other paw got to do the taste test of the new food. At first I had to mix the food he had been eating with the Young Again Ferret food for a couple of days so it didn’t upset his tummy.

     The first couple of days James ignored the tiny pellets because they weren’t molded into the shapes he was used to. During that time frame I also used the pellets as treats for when he was playing outside his cage. I am sure there is a mound of Young Again Ferret food in one of his hidey-holes but it did do the trick by the third day he was eating both foods.

     PICT0195 The first time James shed he lost most of his black and gray coloring leaving him to look like Dark Eyed White (DEW) when in fact he was considered a silver mitt. James now has color returning to his fur. PICT0602

James has been eating this food for just over two months now and can I see more differences than just his color returning. His eyes are alert and sparkling. His fur is a lot softer than it has been in a long time.

Their site states that in a few short weeks you will see these differences in your ferret:

· Soft, luxurious fur

· Promotes proper weight management

· Helps promote fat loss and increases muscle density

· Less waste in the litter box

· More sociable behavior

· More Positive energy

· Helps prevent urinary bladder and kidney disease

· Helps prevent insulinoma and diabetes mellitus.

· Ferrets love the taste so it is easily adapted

     Out of their list I have seen a difference in James fur, his weight has gone up a little bit and he has bulked up in his muscles. I am changing the litter box less and the odor isn’t as bad as it has been. James has always been sociable so I can’t really comment on that area but he does have more energy than most 10 year olds I have seen.

     While Manny isn’t suppose to get any other food but the one recommend for him it hasn’t stopped him from sneaking a nibble or two of James food. He really likes it also.

     The food has shown some great improvements in James there are some down points to it.

  1. It isn’t’ available in stores which adds to the cost of a bag of food.
  2. The zip lock closer doesn’t always stay closed and has lead to some spills. (Not that Trixie minded)
  3. It only comes in 8lb bags. For many this is the perfect size but for others it may not be.

     These may seem like petty down points but ferret food is expensive to being with and sometimes an extra shipping charge takes to big of a bite out a person’s budget.

     I do like the fact they do offer you two different ways of getting free shipping but until I know how long it will take James to eat a bag of food the bottomless bag option is out of the question. At the moment we aren’t even half way through the bag.

     Out of a paw rating of one to five we give Young Again Ferret Food a Four paw rating.

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Be sure to check out Young Again Pet Foods and tell them Enlightened Ferret sent ya.



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Shannons PetSitting said...

At the Lincoln State Cat Club Show this past weekend I was introduced to the Young Again pet food company. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner & founder Michael. When he approached me I was very leery about their product but I gave him a chance. Being a veterinary assistant & a previous telemarketer I'm not easily sold on things. Especially pet diets. The facts & statistical information he presented me with was impressive & it made sense! What if you could feed your diabetic cat a food & they'd never need an insulin shot again? His food has done that! How about an 8-year track record of no crystals, stones or blockages! So I pressed him & said what about kidney failure (Since my Kizzy has it) and she is extremely over weight at 16 pounds! He presented verbally & today in writing his response to me.

I was floored - it made sense. So much so I purchased a bag of it just to see if it worked since they have a 60 day Satisfaction Guarantee. I will be taking my cats who are 12 & 16 pounds off the high calorie prescription diet K/d (Kidney Diet) & trying Young Again's 50/22 Cat Food. I would NEVER jeopardize my cats health! But I know being at least 4 pounds overweight, not active & obese isn't doing Kizzy's kidneys any good either! When I compared the ingredients between the Young Again & the K/d I was disgusted! (Well I kinda knew but didn't think I had a choice to be honest). The facts & statistics on their products is unreal & all over their website. I want to see how it works in conjunction with Kizzy's blood pressure medication as well. Lets be honest, I want happy healthy old kitties! My friend Lauren Rizzo of St. Sophia's Forgotten Felines has fed it to her cats & LOVES IT!! I gave Kizzy & Kaize some when I got home Sunday as a treat & they scarfed it down.

I invite you to check them out - it is pricey I wont lie, but think of how much you spend in specialty diets, prescription diets, medications & veterinary visits. I stand by "you get what you pay for" philosophy. They also have a RAW pre-mixes for those of you who are interested. I have attached the diabetes & general information brochures for you to review as well. They make foods for Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Reptiles, Koi, Fish, & other small Animals.I'm not a product pusher or sales person but this is one I think deserves some attention & I wanted to share with you!

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