Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Woozel Wisdom


     Most know that the East Coast is experiencing a heat wave. The heat affects more than the human population it also affects animals.

     I have learned a lot from watching what James, Manny, and Trixie do during this heat wave.

      During the hottest part of the day they sleep.James Sleeping

     James sleeps in his roller ball bed and Manny burrows into his litter box. Trixie usually is hogging the fan.

     When it has finally cooled off some we might go outside depending on the humidity at the time. I know if it is too high because the boys will just lay down in the grass and let their noses go to work.

    mannynjames relaxing

     They also don’t eat as much as they do in the winter. James and Manny tend to save most of their food until later in the evening but I have to keep an eye on their water dishes as they do drink more.

     James and Manny miss going out on adventures in the car but with the temperatures around 95+ outside I don’t want to expose them to the organ cooking heat of the car. Bad enough I have to get into it to go places.

      While you are trying to cool down be sure to think about your furry friend and how hot they maybe in this heat. Even the shade isn’t that cool and only gives some protection from the sun.



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