Monday, August 30, 2010

Bark World Expo

     What an amazing event Bark World was. The sessions were wonderful and so were the participants. While it was geared more towards dog owners, businesses, and bloggers, the event was informational for all other types of owners, businesses, and bloggers.

     I can’t say enough about GMC’s representatives and how caring they were. Like many people who have never dealt with ferrets they didn’t know what kind of treats to get James and Manny but they took the time to find out and then went to the local pet store to get a bag of bandit treats. James loves his bandit treats. PICT0679

     James and Manny were a big hit not just with the people attending Bark World but also with the people of Atlanta. Who asked a lot of questions about James and Manny and ferrets in general. I also clear up many misconceptions about ferrets as well.

     PICT0699 One of the best parts of Bark World was making new friends and the informal session we all had at the coffee shop. Being able to have some things explained in a different way than perhaps had been told to us in one of the sessions and being able to know about a program that might not have been talked about.

     Bark World also reminded me that not every place is ferret safe but thank fully did not end in a tragedy.

     This was the first big trip that I took James and Manny on. It showed me that there is no such thing as packing light when it comes to ferrets but it also let me have my fur friends with me. Both seemed to enjoy the attention but at the end of the expo James showed me just how tired he was by climbing into my suitcase.PICT0711






     Next adventure happens…


Blog Paws West Sept 9-11 Denver, CO

Happy Paws Pet Expo Nov 13-14 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Pet Writing Convention Feb 12 2011

     The last two would be without James and Manny in attendance.

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