Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Update on James

     James has been on Prednisone® for about two months. He is showing an increase in appetite and is playing more and more each day. Manny is finding out just how bossy James can be about what he feels is his areas.

     These include his cage, one of his hiding spots and just how much he will tolerate being bounced on by Manny. It is good to hear James being vocal again.

     Getting James to take his Prednisone® is fairly easy. I just tell him he can have a treat after he is done and while he still pushes the syringe away when he needs a break he does take it all. giving James Prednisone(r) I still haven’t worn any of the medicine but I am sure I will some at a later date.

                   treat after meds


     The one thing we both don’t like is when I need to do a paw stick on James. His paw pads are tough and the lancet doesn’t always penetrate the first time so I have to stick him a second time to draw just enough blood. I am glad I made the investment into a glucometer for James it saves me time and money by not having to go to the vet’s office every few weeks.

     The other thing I’ve noticed is that James’ strength is returning and he is able to do some of his old tricks like sit up for a treat. He still tires easily and will sometimes use an object to hold himself up to get his treat but each day he is getting stronger.

     I will be making an appointment for the end of the month just to have James looked at and see where we stand with this disease. James will never get rid of the insulinoma but he could live longer with proper management and care. I can only hope that others can learn from our journey of living with insulinoma and what it entails.

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Mr. Pip said...

I am glad James is feeling better! He sure is cute!

Your pal, Pip