Friday, August 13, 2010

Headed to Bark World Expo

     It’s hard to believe that next week at this time we will be should be at Bark World thanks to GMC offered up 15 GMC Terrains for people to carpool down to Atlanta.

     Our friend Brewski Butt’s mom was one of the chosen 15 and we are hopping a ride down with her along with some of her really cool art.

     With us going on our first real road trip it meant redefining the boys travel kit. Reducing it from a 5-gallon tote to a backpack.

     The main reason was space but having things closer to where their carrier in case James has an insulinoma episode would be a bonus.

     The backpack I chose to use is a JanSport® because it was what I used to carry all my college books in and it’s still in great condition.PICT0623


     In the front pocket is going to be the boy’s papers.

     These papers contain the facts that someone would need if something happened to me. James and Manny each have a sheet inside a plastic sleeve. The information includes but not limited to:

  1. Name and birth date if known
  2. Vet name and number
  3. Who to contact in case of emergency
  4. A recent picture of each ferret PICT0583 (I’d split this one in half)
  5. Medication: Name, How much and when.
  6. Reason for the medication
  7. Any quirks that might seem unusual to someone
  8. Likes and dislikes
  9. Foods feed and the feeding schedule
  10. Litter used
  11. Sleeping arrangements

     I am sure I’ve forgotten some things for this list but as James Insulinoma progresses his sheet will get longer. At the top of his sheet will be a large red cross like you see on med alert bracelets but inside it will be the vet caduceus. untitled3

     The other items inside the pocket will be James glucose meter and his preloaded Nutri Cal syringe. The instructions for both will also be on his sheet. Extra batteries labeled about their use for the crate fan that will be on their new carrier.

     The main space will hold the grooming case, large baggies labeled with the name of the food and whose it is. Two large baggies filled with Feline Pine® litter, bottled water, and travel toys, two leashes and harnesses sets and a container for James used needles called a sharps container. Again this is just a short list and it may grow longer but by using the backpack I can’t keep adding things because I think James and Manny may need it.

I want my little guys to be comfortable but I also want to be able to enjoy our trip without it being a stressor to either of us.

Keep on Chittering,



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Yoda_the_Dog said...

Mom is looking forward to meeting you and of course the famous Manny and James! I'm so jealous!