Thursday, August 19, 2010

Team PawsArt on the road

     We arrived in front of BZTat stuidos at 9:30am James and Manny were glad to get out of their carrier for a bit. James was a little upset that he couldn’t get into the neat looking flowerpots. PICT0624

     Both boys noses were in over time with the smells of Canton, OH. James was ready to get back in his carrier after 10 minutes but Manny was happy to keep on checking out the sidewalk while we finished loading up the GMC. PICT0625 PICT0626 PICT0627

After pictures were taken of Team PawsArt we made a stop to check out the Downtown Canton Cat Mural PICT0628  PICT0629 PICT0630 PICT0631

     We left Canton around 10:15 headed south on hwy 30. So far the GMC Terrain is a comfortable ride and one nice feature that I like is the fact that the seat is not so high that a short person has to jump in or out of the vehicle.

     One thing that I personally don’t like is the head rest but that isn’t just with the GMC Terrain but most new vehicles. It is angled forward so I am forced to have my chin almost on my chest. I am sure that the designers of the headrests must have been over 5 foot tall.

     We used the OnStar® to set our trip route that was kind of cool. Had to check the owner manual to reset the trip meter and it is kind of vague on how to reset or the fact you have to hold the button until it beeps at you.

    12:00pm Pit stop in Delaware, OH to take a bathroom break and get reserve a hotel room for tonight.Found one to fit my budget.

     12:30 Back on the road and used OnStar® again to get to hotel have about 8 hrs to get there. James and Manny had a Greenies® treat each and have gone back to sleep. They are being so good for their first long trip.

      Wow was a day sorry the post seems incomplete the battery died in the netbook and I didn’t get to the hotel until like 10:30 tonight. Both James and Manny are having a blast in their little corner of the room. Although both of them are proveing that they can get out if they really want to. Bath time is in just a little bit.

Here are some pictures from along the way: PICT0632 PICT0633 PICT0634 PICT0636 PICT0637 If you saw BZTAT’s Pic of the Truck this is the horse farm that was behind it.PICT0638 PICT0639 PICT0640 There had been an accident and the line of traffic was like 5 miles long and was getting longer.

PICT0641 Finally Tennessee.PICT0646This is what the control panel where the radio is looks like at night. It’s a bit creepy.






Keep on Chittering


Disclaimer: All opinions about the GMC Terrain are mine alone. James, Manny, and I would like to thank GMC for letting have such a cool ride to BarkWorld.

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Mr. Pip said...

Love the videos! Sounds like a cool ride and trip! Have fun!

Your pal, Pip