Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Review

     I just finished reading Dog On It by Spencer Quinn. What a well-written book from the point of a dog. Yes you read that right a dog. Chet is a lovable character that knows his human really well and is willing to follow him anywhere.

     Dog On It is the type of book that draws you into the story and if you are able to put the book down before finishing it you are thinking about what is going on until you pick it back up.

     Chet is ungraduated K-9 dog whose human is Bernie a private eye. These two partners take on the case of the missing Madison from her mother only to have it not being a missing person after all…or is it?

     Chet’s wandering mind gives insights in to the thoughts of dogs and how they might think. You can tell how much the two trust each other by their interactions.

     Dog On It is a good read. You want a copy to read? One lucky reader will win a copy of Dog On It.

     Leave a comment below with one ferret fact that you have learned from this blog or somewhere else.

     On Tuesday I’ll used a random number generator to pick the winning comment.

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