Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fallen Hero

Sirius K9 badge #17


     For Americans September 11, 2001 will always have an impact on our lives. Those that lost someone close to them in the World Trade Center Twin Towers collapse. The New York Magazine reported in 2002 that the number of people killed was 2,819. This included 343 New York Firemen, 23 New York Police, and 37 Port authority officers.

     What the report doesn’t tell you is that one of the 37 port Authority officers that lost their lives that day was a K9. Sirius, a yellow Labrador retriever, was a bomb detection K9 assigned to the WTC.

     The day started like any other day for Sirius and his partner/handler David Lim. Officer Lim took Sirius down to his kennel in the basement of tower two to get ready for their shift when the building shook. Officer Lim went to investigate thinking that he and Sirius had missed a bomb.

     Officer Lim went to the first tower and made his way up to the 40th floor where he help direct people down the stairwell when the upper floors came down trapping him and several others on the fourth floor. He lay trapped for 6 hours. When he was rescued he was told of the second towers collapse and that Sirius had perished.

     Sirius’ body wasn’t recovered until January 25, 2002. Sirius along with the other 59 officers that lost their lives was given full honors.

     Artist Debra Stonebraker did two portraits of Sirius. One she presented to Officer Lim and the other hangs in the headquarters of the Port Authority. Prints are available and 100% of price is donated evenly between these three charities.

* Port Authority Police K9 Unit of New York New Jersey
* The NASAR Search and Rescue Dog Training Fund
* Southwest Pennsylvania Retriever Rescue Organization (SPARRO)

     I knew about the people that lost their lives on this day, I knew about the rescue dogs that cut up their feet so badly doing their job but until today I didn’t know about Sirius his story should never be forgotten. He is one of the fallen heroes that needs to be remembered and I am sure Sergeant David Lim has never forgotten him.

     Thank you Joe Maringo of SPARRO for telling me about Sirius. I didn’t know that SPARRO was one of the charities until I got home and started doing research into the Sirius.

     Thank you Debra Stonebraker for permission to use my photo of your beautiful portrait of Sirius.




Mr. Pip said...

Thanks for sharing. I recently heard about Sirius. He was a true hero!

Your pal, Pip

Jo said...

Mr. Pip that he was and the man I talked to Joe was full of information about Sirius and his handler Officer Lim. From everything I could find the only time Sirius was mention was after his body was found in 2002 yet we are suppose to never forget how can we say we haven't when one hero is never mentioned. I would love it if every September 11 Sirius' picture graced every animal's blog.