Friday, October 1, 2010

New Additions

     Our little fur ball family has grown by two. The first new addition is Boyd he is approximately six months old boy kitty. He was on his way to a shelter when we adopted him from a family up the road from us.

     Next is Spotsylvania, Spots for short, he is a 7-8 week old kitty. He is adopted from one of those “Free Kittens” places you see along the road.

     Boyd will let you know what he wants and can be very vocal about it. Roomie calls him mister meow. He also lets her know the moment I am home from work cause he doesn’t stop meowing until I am inside.

     Spots has almost everyone wrapped around his little paw. Trixie hasn’t really gotten to say hi cause Spots does his best to became the big bad kitty and won’t let her near him without hissing and spitting.

     The two play together well and when they have played themselves out they often fall into a cuddle pile and recharge.

So please welcome them to our little family.


cuddle time

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Pumpkinpuddy said...

Welcome Spots and Boyd. You found a good family to join and I know you'll like your new home.