Monday, October 4, 2010

Save the Nose

     Odors are a part of owning a pet. Sometimes the odor dissipates in seconds and other times it lingers on for hours if not days depending on what the odor is from. Many companies have developed ways of covering up the odor but most often it just has a fruity, flowery, or other scent mixed in with the offending odor.

     Nose Offense isn’t like those other sprays it actually works. I was lucky enough to receive a full size bottle from the Rembo corp. to try. Living in a house with more than just ferrets the odors are a bit varied. They include a bloodhound, a bird, a smoker, and now two kittens.

     I’ve tried many other odor sprays that claimed to neutralize the odors but they all failed to neutralize all the odors in the house. So I expected the same out of Nose Offense. Not only did Nose Offense do what they claimed but also it did so on all the odors in the house.

     The main pet odor room is where James and Manny live and play and of late Trixie the bloodhound has decided that she needs to relieve herself in that room. So the combined odors made your eyes water the second you walked in. Nose Offense has removed those odors from the room making it a joy to walk into again.

     The one thing I didn’t like was the initial scent Nose Offense gave off when you first sprayed it and it seems others didn’t care for it either. I was sent a smaller bottle of Nose Offense recently and it doesn’t have the scent but still has the great odor killing effect of the stinky things.

     I love the fact that it is a non-toxic item that is safe for pets and comes in a recyclable bottle. Give Nose Offense a moment of your time and check out their website.

Disclaimer: I was given two free bottles of Nose Offense to try with no other compensation. The opinions of this product are my own.



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