Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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     I’ve been absent from my blog for some time. The reasons are varied but the biggest being I have no idea where to go. I started this blog to enlighten people about the ownership of ferrets. I am glad for followers I have earned. I have no idea if anything I have written has made an impact or not.

     I’ve met some really great people because of my presence on my blog and on twitter. I was able to attend two different conferences that were designed around the pet community. I was the only ferret person at both. Blogpaws brought me in contact with two very special ladies outside of the great founders of Blog Paws. They made me realize that it just takes one person to make a difference in this sometimes cruel world. I can only hope I make an impression like they did on me.

     August found me riding down to Atlanta, GA in a GMC Terrain with a great animal artist and my two boys. What an adventure that turned into. I barely made it through my public speaking class in college and this trip showed me that I could speak in public just as long as it involved talking about my ferrets. I am still impressed with the Terrain and the representatives that made a point of finding out about ferrets so they could get the right treats for the unique riders.

     BarkWorld proved to be informative beyond the sessions. James and Manny showed a lot of people that ferrets and dogs could get along as long as the introductions were done in a controlled and safe manner. The people of Atlanta were inquisitive about my ferrets and asked a lot of questions including several sources I would have never thought would ask. Atlanta proved to be good for James who had been diagnosed in July with insulinoma. He slept most of the conference but when he was awake he did show that he still had some spunk for a senior.

     BarkWorld brought me into contact with a wonderful woman named Peggy Johnson more to come on our association.

     October brought a check up for James and with some relief he has gained weight and seems to be holding his own with the insulinoma. His spleen is still enlarging and I can only hope it slows down.

     November brings NanoWriMo and a vet appointment. For those that don’t know about NanoWriMo it is a challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days. I’ve done this for the last 5 years and only had one time I didn’t make the goal. This year instead of writing fiction I am going to try my hand at non-fiction and will be dealing with pets.

     Manny will be having a wellness checkup and I’ll be discussing the possibility of getting him certified as a therapy pet. I’d like to have James certified but with him having insulinoma it may disqualify him.

     So what do you the reader want to know about ferrets? What do you think you know about them? There are no dumb questions only ones that won’t be answered are the ones not asked.

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