Friday, October 15, 2010

Be the Change: Helping Those Less Fortunate

     If you have not figured it out yet I am not only a ferret owner but a ferret lover as well. I believe that we are put here for a reason. Sometimes it takes awhile for us to realize just what that reason might be.

     I now know that my reason is to help these little fuzzy clowns but correcting misconceptions and raising awareness of the many in need. Thanks to my followers both here on Enlightened Ferret and on Twitter I helped the senior ferrets at Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and last year I wrote about the Ferret Giving Tree.

     This site allows ferret shelters to post ten pictures of ten ferrets in need while giving the shelter a chance to ask for help in supporting his/her shelter. Mostly they ask for toys, cleaning supplies, and other small items.

     The pictures range from healthy ferrets to those who are sickly or have been abused. Adrenal disease is horrible to watch as it slowly robs a ferret of his/her health. The ones who have Adrenal looks like they have been abused because they are bald and have lost a lot of weight leaving their bones showing through their skin.

     Selection to be a Santa for one or more of these fuzz butts does not begin until November 1st but I am posting a picture of Gibbs a three year old deaf boy who I am going to be Santa for and hope that the readers of Enlightened Ferret will help both Gibbs and his shelter out and any packages you send please add in care of Enlightened

     I would love to help everyone of these little guys on the Ferret Giving Tree but by helping one I know I am giving back to them the love and inspiration my own have given me through the years.




Mr. Pip said...

Gibbs is adorable. Thanks for being his Santa!

Your pal, Pip

Jo said...

I thought Gibbs was adorable too Mr. Pip but then I have a soft spot for deafies and he reminded me of Lance.


Kimberly said...

This is awesome Jo! Thanks so much for posting this and THANK YOU for being Gibb's Santa. I'm sure all 27 kids here will have a great Christmas!

Jo said...

Kimberly I am so glad you liked the post. Santa Paws is buzy finding dat best presents for Gibbs and her two little fuzzys are picking out dat special present for the hooman.

Have a Chittering good day.