Friday, December 3, 2010

Hartz® Toy Review n Giveaway

     I was given the opportunity to review some toys from Hartz® Ultimate Pet Gift Guide.

     We were sent Hartz® 5 pack Mini Mice and for Trixie the blood hound who eats almost all of her toys the Hartz® Tuff Stuff Nose Diver. An extra surprise was in the box in the form of tennis balls. Perfect for all of the critters here.HPIM1356 HPIM1359

     I split the mice up between the ferrets and the cats. Manny loves his mice and these were the perfect size for him to grip and carry away after he give them a good beating. The cats went absolutely crazy with them. The mice are tucked away some where in the room but at midnight and about eight in the morning they are brought back out to be batted, chewed on, and thrown around by to very happy cats. HPIM1360HPIM1362HPIM1365HPIM1366

     Surprisingly the Nose diver did not impress Trixie while she did play with it for the first hour it was in the house it was mainly because it was a new toy. She is not interested in it now; Manny however thinks it is the best thing to drag to his hidey-hole. Even James liked playing with it. HPIM1368HPIM1370HPIM1379HPIM1380HPIM1381

     The Nose diver is made of heavy- duty nylon and has a twisted rope that would make up the legs on this duck shaped toy. Great for playing tug –of-war with your furry friend. There is even a squeaker inside.

     Trixie did like the tennis balls and she may warm up to the Nose Diver. The winners at this house were the Mini Mice. I will be getting some more of these for both the ferrets and the cats.

Christmas is about giving so Enlightened Ferret and Hartz® are going to give one lucky winner their very own Tuff Stuff Nose Diver.

     Leap, scamper, stalk, run, or pounce on over to Hartz® online toy book.  and see the toys they offer then come back and tell me which one you think would be best for your furry friend in the comment section.

     The giveaway will end on December 10th and the winner will be picked using on December 11th.


Disclaimer: I was given these toys for a review and received no other compensation for the review.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

Have a chittering good day,



P.S. James passed away on November 28 from Insulinoma. He lived a long happy life and was well into old age at the time of his death.


Keizo said...


I love your site, It is a pleasure to visit.

I have added your site to my site.

Please link my site to your site.

Thank you!

Jo said...

Thank you for visiting Keizo but I can not read that language.

Also for those entering the giveaway if your email addy is not part of your profile please leave it in the comment area also. Thank you,
Have a Chittering good Day,

MattieDog said...

I rike da jungle plush - widdle eliephant! :) mattiedadog[at]gmail[dot].com

Busy Buttons said...

I LOVE my Dura Play Bone! The Jungle Plush Elephant is pretty cool. They make a hippo and giraffe just like it, too! *whispers* I know way too much about toys...

Sorry to hear about James. *hugs*


blindmaximus said...

I think I would like the Jungle Plush best. It reminds me of a (different brand) rhino I have that I just LOVE. blindmaximus at gmail dot com. :)

I am sorry for your loss of James but am glad to hear he had a long life full of love.

Yoda_the_Dog said...

Knowing my history with toys, I think the Dura Play Football. I had a regular football toy once but you can all imagine what happened to that. The Nose Diver looks like a great toy for me too so I hope to win it!

kailey2004 said...

The jungle plush Eli would be a huge hit with Moxie and Katana.

I'm sorry to hear about James :-(

Kaileybowser1 @

Pumpkinpuddy said...

There must be something wrong with Hartz's site cuz I could only get to the dog toys. But if they have mice, that's all I need to know. Mice are always good.

Smokey and Ody said...

This is so cool! Ody needs new toys and he's been so bad this year, Santa probably isn't bringing him anything but a lump of coal.

You have our deepest sympathy--so sorry to hear that James went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Nancy and DogThunder said...

Oh, for sure we like plush toys and pillows! Mom plays those claw games and brings us toys home! She has to take the button eyes off first though!

JustAnotherTrnd said...

DUSTY: Testing toys is an important job.
HURLEY: So grateful that nice anipals are up to the task!