Monday, December 6, 2010



     Hi evfurybody Iz took over diz bloggy today. Fur doz dat don’t know me Iz ManChester better known az Manny.HPIM1510 Hooman sayz Iz a sable wif a love of miciez. I have a big brofur named James he went on a big trip wifout mez. He told mez dat I had to stay here wif hooman and our new brofur Marcuz.

     HPIM1421Marcuz came to livez wif uz before Thankgiving hooman sayz hiz color iz Splatter cuz it look like paint got dropped and hez waz in da way. Hooman said dat Marcuz iz stone cold deaf. Hooman wrong hiz not stone or cold. Iz wazn’t sure what deaf waz. Hooman told mez dat Marcuz can’t hear anything.

     Hooman been using her hands a lot more she told mez datz she iz doing sign language. I members her doing dat before wif my other brofur, Lance, PICT0176before he take big trip to place called da Rainbow Bridge datz where James went too.

     Hooman try to get lotz of picciz of Marcuz and mez but wez like playing hide n sneak. *chitters*. Only time Marcuz not moving much iz when hez sleeping HPIM1488.

      Hooman tried to put Christmaz clothez on uz but wez moved too much fur da piccis. Iz also try to hide da hat cuz it looked like a big mousie. HPIM1433HPIM1435HPIM1438HPIM1445HPIM1446HPIM1447HPIM1453HPIM1454

     Marcuz and I like each other which iz good cuz wez share da same cage HPIM1490when wez not playing who da bozz in da big room. Hooman got a blinky light it waz to get Marcuz’ attention but he ignore it. Mez try to take it all da timez to hide. Iz hopz youz like da picciz Hooman took.



Hooman sayz have a Chittering good day,

Manny  weezilpawburning

P.S. Be sure to enter into our give away. Iz really lovez dat duck! *chitters*


Pumpkinpuddy said...

I didn't know until I read this that James went OTRB. *sniff* I know you and your hooman will miss him very much.

It's nice that you welcomed Marcus into your home and that you get along. Not a lot of people would give a home to a pet that can't hear. I know new brofurs can never take the place of the ones that came before, but it is nice to have a playmate, and I think you two will be fast friends.

Yoda_the_Dog said...

Those pics of your mom trying to dress you up reminded me of the horrors of Halloween 2009!