Friday, December 31, 2010

It’s the End of the Year

     Wow what a wild ride this last year has been for Enlightened Ferret and me. I joined twitter in late 2009 but 2010 really showed me how much it could help promote my blog. Thanks to twitter I found new friends that were as dedicated to their animals as I am to ferrets.

     March/April saw Manny join my little band of ferrets. 150876636

     April also saw me go to the first ever pet conference Called Blog Paws East. What a great adventure that turned out to be. I was able to help a rescue because of winning a door prize. If you haven’t read what amazing work these two ladies do you should hop over to I Love Rescue Animals  and check them out.

     April also brought sadness as I had to make the heart wrenching decision for Lance.Lance1

     May saw James turn ten years old. A true senior when it comes to ferrets.’150379042

     June: I supported a ferret rescue: Heart of Ohio Ferret Rescue and Association by doing a walk with James and Manny on the Allegheny trail even if I did get lost the ferrets had fun. We also raised money for them through a twitter party called the Outlaw Pawparty what fun that turned out to be.

     July saw James diagnosed with Insulinoma and he was put on Prednisone and because of his age surgery was ruled out. I had to learn how to do paw sticks on such a tiny paw to monitor his condition.

  PICT0625   August brought us to Atlanta, Ga for Bark World. We got to ride down in style thanks to GMC and BZTAT. James and Manny got a lot of attention and I got to talk a lot about ferret ownership with a lot of people.

     The boys and I weren’t able to make it to Blog Paws West in September but we did get to meet a new ferret friend because of trying to get there. We made plans with Snot Face Critter snotfacecritter to have a ferret invasion at Blog Paws 2011.

     The middle of November brought me Marcuz HPIM1549a splattered marked ferret who is deaf and is Manny’s new playmate.

     The end of November was hard as my beloved James passed away in my arms from his insulinoma. I had hoped he would have made it though the year and past Manny’s first birthday but it wasn’t to be. I miss him but I know that he did live a full life by living to be ten years old and filled with love.

     December we were Santa to Gibbs and sent a goodie loaded box to him along with a couple of presents for his hooman.  It was great to see all the Ferret Giving Tree ferrets opening their gifts.

     What will 2011 bring to us is mostly unknown but we will be attending Bark World again and Blog Paws 2011. There is also a goal in place to reach a 100 followers in 2011. What would you like to see or learn about from us in 2011? What are your plans for 2011?

Have a Chittering good day and we will see you in 2011!


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