Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years



     I am sure many of us feel or look like this at the moment. For those who were out celebrating I hope you all recover quickly. I have to work today not that I expect to be busy until after 3 when people’s hangovers are diminished. Please if you order pizza delivered think about the fact you can do so and please tip them a buck or two.

     Okay so what is 2011 bringing to Enlightened Ferret? I am not overly sure yet but I do know we will be attending Blog Paws 2011 and Bark World if we have to walk there.

I am working on setting up a small store to sell ferret themed magnets like this guy. HPIM1588 Most are 3x3 inches. I haven’t worked out how much I am going to charge yet.


     I know a lot of people make New Year Resolutions for themselves but for myself I don’t personally have any but for my blog I have one that I have already blogged about and that is getting a 100 followers.  Who knows the 100th follower might get something special.

     I am going to try to do a lot better at posting this year. So what are your goals and wishes for 2011 and what would you like to learn about ferrets this year?

Have a Chittering good first day of the year,


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Caren Gittleman said...

I hope to provide more useful content on my blog...I hope to learn how to do videos....there are sooooooo many things that I hope to accomplish this year that they are too numerous to list!
I am planning on being at Blog Paws 2011 and look forward to meeting you!

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