Monday, January 10, 2011



     The International Ferret Congress was founded in 2002 that grew out of an event that hosted 135 ferret lovers of all walks of life. This Non profit organization incorporated in Ohio main goal is to educate those in the ferret community and those that have an interest in ferret ownership or working with fuzzy little clowns.

Past events have included:

2008 International Ferret Symposium®, Pittsburgh, PA

2008 Florida Ferret Forum

2007 International Ferret Symposium®, Portland OR

Derby City Forum 2006, Louisville KY

Forum in the Fort 2005, Fort Collins CO

2005 International Ferret Symposium®, St. Louis MO
2003 International Ferret Symposium®, Atlanta, GA

Forum at the Falls 2002, Niagara Falls, NY

International Ferret Symposium® 2002, Las Vegas, NV

(all references to Ferret Symposium are a registered trademark of IFC)

     This years event will be in Phoenix, AZ from June 3-5 and ends a long hiatus between events.

     I would love to attend this event along with several others in the coming months. Each event offers me an opportunity to learn new things and to teach others what I do know about ferrets.

     What events are you interested in going to this year and your reasons for doing so?

Have a Chittering good day,

Jo and Manny and Marcuz


Caren Gittleman said...

Where in Ohio was this founded? I am originally from Cleveland.

I am hoping to attend the BlogPaws conference in late August. I am DYING to meet bloggers (such as yourself) who I have been following and interacting with. I also desperately need to learn how to make my blog better!

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Jo said...

Caren, IFC wasn’t necessarily founded in Ohio. They are incorporated there, which I believe is because one of the founding members may of lived there. I would love to connect with you at Blog Paws. I went to the one in Columbus, OH last year it was an awesome experience. Email me at

have a chittering good day,