Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pet Blog challenge

I’ve been seeing a lot about this challenge so I’ve decided to jump on the train even if it is a little late.

1. When did you begin your blog?
A little over a year ago.

2. What was your original purpose for starting a blog?
At first it was just a place to put what I learned about ferrets so I had an nice easy place to go but it soon evolved into a place others could go to find out about ferrets that they might not of known.
3. Is your current purpose the same?
Yes it is and I hope it stays the same for a long time.
If not, what’s different?
If so, how do you feel you’ve met your goals?
I am still trying to figure out what my exact goals are.
4. Do you blog on a schedule or as the spirit moves you?
I am trying to have a schedule but it comes down to the amount time needed to do the research and get confirmation of information.

5. Are you generating income from your blog?
No I am not generating an income but I would like too.

6. What do you like most about blogging in general and your blog in particular?
Finding out new information that I didn’t know about ferrets.

7. What do you like least?
being unable to verify my information

8. How do you see your blog changing/growing in 2011? I am hoping to see my blog get more readers and helping others learn about the ownership of ferrets.

Have a Chittering good day,



Caren Gittleman said...

I love reading everyone's comments...wonder if it is too late for me to jump on the train?

allaboutourdogs said...

I started blogging a year ago. It all started when a friend of mine showed me her trainpetdog blog and she boasted on how good she is in blogging so I made my own blog. Well, All I can say is that my life is all about blogging now.