Monday, January 3, 2011

Manny’s 1st Birthday

     Manny is a Marshall Ferret and when he came to live in this crazy household he came with a birth certificate stating that his birthday was January 3, 2010. Which makes him a year old today.

     I am not able to spoil my ferrets too often which is a good thing but on special days like this I make a point to do so. So Manny got to have me all to himself today. After his breakfast and my morning coffee I got Manny “Dressed” in his belled collar and red harness. The moment I slipped that collar on he knew we were going out cause that is the only time he has the collar and harness put on him.

     The moment I put him down so I could get the carrier down he was trying to climb up to it and people swear our animals don’t know what is what. I unzipped it and he ran inside and laid down with a look that said “Okay hooman let’s go!”.

    HPIM1662 First stop was our local Agway to pick out a new toy or two and of course some treats. Manny picked out a Skinneeez for cats™ duck from their barnyard series and a shiny green mouse along with some Greenies treats.HPIM1663

     Second stop was the park where Manny insisted that he wanted to walk and explore his surroundings. I would have more pictures but the cold (29 degrees) sucked the batteries and I was only able to get these two. Manny found a patch of ice and had a blast skating on it by using his butt as a rudder until he was finally able to get his claws under him and then he ran all over the ice. HPIM1665HPIM1666HPIM1667

     Finally we came home and Manny and right away took his new duck and hid it in one of his hidey-holes before I could get a picture of his loot. HPIM1669He got a few treats before Marcuz woke up and now he has climbed into his hammock and is sleeping.

Have a Chittering good day,



Caren Gittleman said...

Happy Birthday Manny!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is my future son-in-law's birthday too....I am sure you are MUCH cuter! (probably brighter too) lol

Cat Chat

spike_cat said...

Sownds like a great birfday, Manny. purrrrrrr...