Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Be The Change for Pets Rummage Sale May 18-25

The next Be the Change for Pets challenge is having a world wide rummage sale. We all have stuff we want/need to sell but really don't have any idea what kind of price to put on the stuff.

The Be The Change Challenge makes it a bit easier as you donate your profit to a shelter of your choice. Hop, run, slither, skitter, gallop, or however you move over to BlogPaws to see what you need to do to be a part of the movement for the next 8 days.

But be sure to check out other participants to see if there maybe something you wish to own and be able to help a shelter in need.

Please check out our Etsy store item Up Down Earrings

and our Ebay listings All profits from any item with #SaleForPets tag will be donated to
Heart of Ohio Ferret Rescue and Association

If you tweet your sale items be sure to include the hashtag #SaleForPets so others may find your sale as this is a world event and we all have different time zones.

Have a chittering good day,

Manny and Marcuz

P.S. Had to do this post old school as I am not on my computer that has the program I use normally. Thanks for understanding.

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