Friday, May 20, 2011

Ferrets and other unusual critters unite!

I am constantly see contests for pet lovers to enter and they are great contests don’t get me wrong on that point. It is that almost all of the contests are designed for pet owners of dogs and cats. We other pet owners often get left out of these contests because we aren’t thought about.

The latest one I saw on Twitter is for a company that I do like and support because they are one of the few that have products listed for ferrets and yet their prize package is for the dog and cat lover.

So I say we write our posts, write the companies, and communicate that we as ferret, hamster, capybara, chinchilla, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, guinea pig, and any other missed pet owners would like a chance at some contests too.

Maybe it is that these companies just don’t realize that our pets like certain accessories or treats and would like a chance to enter into some of these contests too. We get chances to review products on our blogs sometimes because we happen to own a more common pet and we manage to show that our uncommon pet loves that company’s product better than our common pet.

Still it is up to us to make sure we are constantly working to get these cat and dog only companies to see there is an untapped market out there of underrepresented animal owners. If just one company would step up and host an all critter contest maybe others would follow suit.

I am not saying that every contest has to include us unique pet owners but that they acknowledge that we are out there and we like to be included in the rest of the world of pet ownership.

Have a Chittering Good Day

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Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Hi Jo! You make some super good points that I bet others in your position can relate to. I hope the companies listen. i think sadly it is a numbers game. There are statistically more cat/dog owners (or common pet owners) out there and the companies are looking for more "bang" from their posts....they are looking to spread the word to as many folks as possible..I think your idea of having a give-away for ALL pets though is a great idea!
Let us know what happens!