Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It’s official!

     Manny is now a Therapy pet. He made his first visit on Monday and was a hit among the residents.

     Manny’s day started out with a bath so he smelled sweet and his fur would be soft then it was off to the park to work off some extra energy so he wouldn’t be so inquisitive that he wouldn’t sit still for the residents.

     While walking in the park we met Sara a student at the Arts Institute of Pittsburgh who was working on a class project and asked if we would mind if she took some pictures. Manny of course loves being a ham and was in true ferret mode: always moving. Sara will be sending me copies of the pictures soon.

     Finally it was time to go to Orchard Manor and meet with Emily the actives director. Emily then had Sheldon take us around to meet everyone. Sheldon was excited as he was once a ferret owner and loves the little guys.

     None of the strange apparatus, wheelchairs, wheeled walkers, oxygen tanks, or the buzzers fazed him. He loved getting petted and he checked out all the shoes but never once tried to take one. HPIM2453

     Manny met Marie a Spanish speaking lady that fell in love with him and wanted Manny to stay with her was the best. Manny sat in her lap and sized up her room but he never once wiggled to get down and Manny who isn’t one for kisses gave Marie a quick lick as we said good bye. HPIM2455


     Alzheimer's ward was at first a bit scary. I worked in convalescent for 14 yrs and know how unpredictable Alzheimer’s can be but there was only one person who had a negative response and I know that is because a lot of people think ferrets look like rats.

     Manny was fantastic and just laid in my arms while they petted him but he did perk up when we left the ward and headed over to personal care. He was greeted with great enthusiasm and a couple were prepared with treats for puppies. Manny was getting worn out from his walk in the park and all this attention.

     Our visit was suppose to only be an hour but turned into almost two. He was such a hit that everyone asked that he come back. When we got home all Manny wanted to do was sleep but Marcuz wanted to play. It was the first time I’ve ever seen Manny make Marcuz squeal.

Poor Marcuz only had the hooman to play with while Manny passed out in his hammock.HPIM2462

Manny slept even longer than he normally does and seems quite rested and ready to play today.

Have a Chittering Good Day,



blindmaximus said...

How fun! I'm so happy he had a great visit!

spike_cat said...

Wow! well dun, Manny!

Smokey said...

Datz really amazing! Well done!