Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outlawz and Gangsterz Pawty

Hi allz it’z Marcuz and I, Manny, wez wanted to let youz know about the pawty wez iz having June 4th from 7-9pm.

Manny: Iz had so much fun last year when James and Iz had our first pawty that I talked Marcuz and our hooman into doing it again this year.

Theme: Outlawz and Gangsterz, Dress up as your favorite outlaw or gangster

Charity: Hearts of Ohio Ferret Rescue and Association. Donations should be noted that they are for the seniors as that is who James loved helping.

Where: The Ferret Pad. Use the hash tag #FerretPad for the pawty

Prizes: There will be some quizzes for some neat prizes.
Rules for the quizzes this time will be you can guess twice. This is to limit the amount of pawty crashers that showed up in Hooman’s DM Box last time.

Foodz and Drinkz
Will be an open bar and buffet style so help yourselfz and because this is an Outlawz and Gangsterz pawty there will be no security. All weaponz will be holstered and secured as to prevent any accidentz.

In reference to the twitter jail break of @GeorgeTheDuck only one stick of dynamite per anipal will be used on any jailbreaks. *chitters*

Just put a dime in da jukebox or spin yer own tunez. Mostly just haz fun.

Lastly our Jail account will be the hooman’z @FerretsHooman

Have a Chittering good dayz,

Manny and Marcuz
P.S. James will be attending from the RB


Mariodacat said...

Well guys, that do sound like fun. If my peeps are home so I has a typist, I'll be there.

Snotface said...

I am not sure if I have a favorite outlaw or gangster... Better choose and get myself dressed for the pawty *grin*