Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Marshall’s Fun Items

A few weeks ago Manny went on his first visit as a therapy ferret on our return home we found a box at the front door from Marshall’s Pet. Inside were two of their newest items. The turtle tunnel and a 2-in 1 ferret bed.

I took the Turtle Tunnel out of its plastic holder so Marcuz could play in it while I put up the ferret bed. Manny just kind of laid on the couch and watched what I was doing. Once the ferret bed was put up I put Manny in it who gave it a couple of sniffs before falling asleep.

I love how it has sides to keep the boys from falling out and it easily accommodates both of them. I also like the fleece bottom that comes out giving them a soft and warm spot but for summer we are taking it out to let the air circulate better.

When I turned back to see how Marcuz liked the turtle I saw the little turtle tail disappearing behind the couch. No small feat as the small path way to the back of the couch is only about 3-4 inches wide and this turtle is about a foot across.

After Marcuz finally wound down enough to try out the new ferret bed I retrieved the turtle from behind the couch and got to really look at it. He is really cute. There are five openings for ferrets to play hide and seek in and the shell is made of a smooth plastic fabric that is easily cleaned and flattens when a ferret jumps on it. The few pictures I got of Marcuz playing in the Turtle are mostly of his rear-end sticking out of one of the legs moments before he would take it to his hidey-hole behind the couch.

Ferret paw rating: 5 paws

Discloser: Marshall’s Pet sent me these two items free for review with no other compensation.

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Mariodacat said...

That is so neat that your ferret is going to be a therapy ferret. Pretty cool. Loved their picture too.

Kolchak Puggle said...

That turtle is cute. Really makes me want ferrets. *sigh* someday!