Saturday, June 18, 2011

pet blog hop: Therapy Visit for Father’s Day


     Friday Manny and I went on a therapy visit to Orchard Manor for Father’s day. Before we went there we went for our walk in the park. We still get surprised looks as people see him walking on his leash. For this visit I had made Manny a shirt to go with his paw print tie.

     To get him used to walking in the shirt I had put it on him at the park. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of that as my camera was MIA thanks to Boyd, the cat, but once Manny got the hang of walking around with it on he was trying to get people to notice him even more than normal.

     It worked a bunch of kids out walking with their “Nina” spotted him and wanted to see him up close. He had his picture taken with one of the little girls.

     Then it was time to go for our visit. This time we were escorted around by Janet who was a bit leery of Manny at first but he put on his charms and she soon was asking a lot of questions about him and ferrets in general.

     He was a big hit with Marie again who loved his little shirt and tie. Manny soaked up the attention and decided that he didn’t want carried around the whole place this time and demanded that he be let down to walk around.

     He loved going to personal care this time as it was before dinner time and he got to visit with the each of the residents he didn’t get to meet last time. He loved walking into the rooms and checking them out.

     Some residents were happy to see him from a far but many wanted to see him up close. One lady tired to give Manny a doggie biscuit but he politely declined by placing it back in the tin it came out of.

     We both are getting more confident with each visit and by creating his shirt I have found a renew interest in sewing and I am learning how to create my own patterns for ferret clothing.

Have a Chittering Good Day,

Jo and Manny

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