Saturday, June 25, 2011

Update: The Ferret and the Infant

     Back in January it was reported that a 4-month old infant lost 7 of his fingers to a ferret while his mother supposedly was sleeping nearby. As I stated in my post back in January  there was no way a parent could sleep through a baby screaming his/her head off from being bitten.

     Almost 6 months later the parents are charged with child endangerment after it was found that the parents weren’t even home when the incident occurred. What parent leaves a 4-month home alone and where was the sibling that was also removed from the home?

     While there has never been proven or disproven that the ferret did actually chew off the fingers the fact remains that two small beings lives were changed one night because of human stupidity. The infant has three fingers and the ferret is dead.

     The incident would have never happened if the parents, and I use the term loosely, had just given up the ferret when they had taken it to have its teeth removed, a barbaric measure, because it nipped the baby. I also feel that the vet office failed both of these little guys by not reporting the fact that these people had the audacity to ask for such a horrific procedure to be done to the local ASPCA for a welfare check on the animal. Would it have saved the ferret’s life or the infant’s fingers? We will never know.

     But because of this story ferrets have been given a bad rap that I have worked very hard to undo. I can only hope that this story is only one in a billion. This story also shows just how much the media is out to get ratings and not the whole story. Even in the link provided the article says that they had tried to give up the ferret when in truth they refused to give it up.

     I am sorry but I hope these two unfit parents never get back their children. Will we ever know the truth about this story? I personally believe that this will be the last we here of the Waldo’s until their next big screw up and we will never know the truth about what happened to the infant.

What is your opinion or thoughts? What do you feel is an appropriate punishment for these two?

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blindmaximus said...

How crazy! I was just thinking about this story and your original blog post the other day! I was wondering if it faded into nothingness or if the truth ever came out, since you & I had discussed some suspicious things in the original "story." I'm glad you followed up on it, because although we still didn't get the WHOLE truth and closure, it sounds like some of our suspicions were confirmed. That doesn't save the ferret or the baby, but I'm still glad for any additional information.

Pumpkinpuddy said...

The most difficult thing anyone does in this life is care for other living beings. I almost think anyone wanting to adopt a pet or have a baby should first have to prove they're fit to do so. I know that's extreme and impossible and it's just anger talking, but situations like this make me realize how much pain and anguish could be saved if people really thought about what they were doing before taking responsibility for another's life. Or even realized that that's what they're doing.