Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Paws Experience pt I


     I didn’t think I could feel the same excitement that I did when I went to the very first Blog Paws in Columbus, OH. Boy was I wrong!

    Getting to meet new people and reconnect with other has been great. I am already a little hoarse from talking about Manny and Marcuz but that is fine with me as it helps me with my public speaking skills and calming my nerves about doing so.

    It has been a roller coast ride with trying to find out if Snotface Critter would be here or not due to a policy change with Frontier Airlines that customer service overlooked when his hooman booked the flight in July directly with them.

   So today is the first day of Blog Paws.

Registration was easy and the swag bag was filled with some awesome goodies ranging from treats to toys and a gift card to pet smart. HPIM2898

Then the boys and I checked out the pet park we had free roam of the whole room. Manny decided that the dog bed was the best ferret bed.


I wonder how many ferrets could fit into that size dog bed?

Came back to the room to let myself catch my thoughts and let my boys have some time to themselves.

We will be headed back down to the main floor and more people.


Have a Chittering Great Day,


P.S. here is a video of Marcuz enjoying one of the toys from Hartz®

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