Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog Paws Pt. II


So I have met some really interesting people and talked a lot about ferrets. I have very little voice left but it is so worth it if I reach just one person.

The boys slept most of the day and were oblivious to all the attention they were getting. I am sure their faces are plastered on Facebook, twitpic, other blogs. If you have posted their pictures leave me a link to them so I can see what they look like.

I have to get a lot steadier hand at taking pictures. HPIM2920 Opening ceromony

HPIM2923 Nikki @DesignCoyote HPIM2924 Ashely @RescueAnimals Hope I got them right this time. For some reason I want Ashely to be Nikki.

HPIM2925 One part of the crowd attending Blog Paws 2011.

HPIM2928 Manny and Marcuz giving @CokieTheCat some loving. HPIM2930 @BZTAT and the growing crowd.

HPIM2931  Photo ops happen as soon as @FlatTyler joined the group and Manny and Marcuz decided that @CokieTheCat was perfect for their cuddle pile.

I am not sure anyone would believe that I am a shy person who has some crowd issues when it seems I am in my element. My two best buds keep me calm and focused and they are my passion.

Which is what Blog Paws is about PASSION. See you all in the morning at breakfast.

Have a Chittering Good Day,



Skye Kilaen said...

Hi Jo, it was so nice to meet you this morning at breakfast! Your passion for the work you're doing really shines through on your blog as I was reading back through some of the older entries. I forgot to give you my card, so you can reach me at skye at blogher dot com if you have any questions about us as the BlogPaws and BlogHer partnership rolls out. :)

-Skye from BlogHer

Mariodacat said...

I is so happy you got to go to Blog Paws. M is wishing she could have gone too. I'm sure you will learn and lot, meet many oomans of our pals, and have a good time.

Jo said...

Skye I have your card and thank you for answering my questions about the partnership.

Mario wish M could have come and I am learning a lot that I would have never figured out as quickly. Changes will be comeing to the blog in the next few months.

Manny and Marcuz are having a blast with Snotface and the whole event.

Michelle Maskaly said...

It was so fun hanging out! I totally hear you on the voice thing. Mine is shot. I loved learning about ferrets from you. Hope you had a safe trip back!