Thursday, September 15, 2011

Homeless Family of Four

We are a family four ferrets looking for a new forever home where love is in abundance and a hooman that understands what we need, want, and can give us the care and reassurance we need.

We are homeless because our previous hooman didn’t understand what it fully takes to deal with us so he left us behind in his old apartment when he moved. Thankfully the super found us before we starved to death. For the moment we have taken shelter at the MT. Vernon Animal shelter home in N.Y.

While the staff here is enjoyable and the shelter is nice we all know that we would be better off with someone that wants and needs our love and kisses along with having the time to play with us.

We are grateful that the staff here has made time for us and took pictures of two of us to post here on Pet Finder in hopes that we might be able to find our newest home with the best hooman ever. Help us find a reason to smile again by opening your home or letting someone who could be our hooman know that we are here waiting for them.

Disclosure: I receive no compensation from Pet Finder or the shelter featured here. I randomly pick ferrets from the new additions to the site and promote their adoption here on my blog and through twitter and facebook.

I believe that all animals deserve a forever home and Pet Finder is one great resource for finding both the right forever home for the animal and the right animal for the person looking.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


P.S. please drop me a line if you do adopt one of these featured fuzzy as Enlightened Ferret may do a follow up on those adopted because of them being a featured fuzzy.


Mariodacat said...

Oh you poor babies. I do hope you find a new forever home very soon.

@eloh said...

So far awawy, I have a friend in Iowa that would grab them up.

Anonymous said...

I am going to see the ferrety foursome this weekend. As for the photos - they are NOT of the ferrets who are seeking adoption! The baby ferret above is named Telemna and belongs to Sukie and Steve Crandall. The other photo with the sable looks like a stock photo.