Thursday, September 8, 2011

The perfect crime duo


Bonnie and Clyde are perfect names for these two stinky little thieves. Not that ferrets are really stinky if they have been descented and aren’t bathed every day. Unfortunately it is unknown what their previous owner taught them to do as the owner is now incarcerated him/herself but the look on these two is more than mischievous it is the look of pure delight and careful planning.

Bonnie and Clyde are holed up in the humane society of Lackawanna in Clarks Summit, PA. Are you the one to help rehabilitate these two from their criminal past with lots of love and attention or know someone who is well versed in the filching habits of two master mind furry slinkys?

Let’s break these two out of Jail and into the perfect forever hide-out.

Disclosure: I get no compensation for posting adoptable ferrets from Pet Finder other than the satisfaction that I may help one or more ferret find his/her newest forever home.

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blindmaximus said...

BOL! They do look pretty ornery, don't they?