Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pet Finder's Less Adoptable Pet Week: Bennie and the Jet

Hi all I am Jet and my buddy is Ben and he doesn’t talk much.

Sorry there aren’t any cute photos of us just of what our feet looked like when we first came to Ferrets Unlimited Rescue better known as FURS.

Our first hooman abandoned us in an apartment in Windham,OH with an iguana.

We were stuck in our cage for such a long time that we were left standing in feces.

The person who first rescued us though that it was just caked on our feet so bad then when she tried peeling some off of Ben’s feet it left them bleeding.

Ben: It hurt a lot and my feet were really swollen.

Jet: Our first rescuer realized that our care was going to be more than they could handle so they brought us here to these nice people. After being examined it was determined that it wasn’t caked on poop it was these nasty little parasites called Scabies.

Well we were immediately put on antibiotics, inflammatory meds, and pain meds, and daily soaks in a antibacterial soap.

Well Ben got the pain meds because his feet were so bad. Because of this ordeal we weren’t up for adoption until now.

We are recovered from the scabies and we’re told that ferrets don’t get them often so we shouldn’t get them again ever.

I am a bit more out going then Ben here. He is a huge fraidy cat about being out of his cage and likes to find places to hide so he can let his bottle brush tail relax.

So we need a hooman that is understanding of Ben’s fears and help him work through them.

I am a fat boy who is all ferret.

So are you the right hooman for us or know someone gentle, soft spoken, and able to deal with high energy and a trembling ball of fur? Won’t you come check out the adoption process at Ferrets Unlimited and see if we can’t come home with you.

Ben: Please?

Note: Scabies is a parasite that burrows under the skin causing extreme itching and is more common in humans. With the right treatment the reoccurrence is almost never depending on living conditions.

Disclosure: I did pick these two because of the injustice done to them while in the care of an unkind human and the fact that they have survived what had to be a very painful ordeal means they have a lot to give to the right human.

I am getting no compensation other than the fact that I may be able to help them find a forever home.

I get no compensation for featuring ferrets on my blog from Pet Finder or the shelter that has the featured ferret.

The commentary from the point of view of each ferret is my own take on the information given or not given depending on the shelter, rescue, or society and should not be taken seriously unless noted in a note or the disclosure

Please pass the link on about these guys to anyone that might be interested and is the right kind of person to be their new hooman thank you.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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