Friday, September 23, 2011

Pet Finder Less Adoptable Pet Week: A Girl For All Seasons

Hi My name is Summer   and I am a 2 year old Dark Eyed White (DEW) girl. Right now I am calling New Arlington, NJ home until we can find the right forever hooman for me.

You see I need to find just the right hooman this time cause my first hooman spoiled me wif all these yummy sweet snacks and now I have something called Insulinoma. Once I was diagnosed wif this my first hooman took me to diz scary place called Animal Control and left me there.

I was lucky there was this really nice man there took the time to find my foster hooman’s place and she came and got me right away and while I love my foster hooman we both know I would be better off with just the right hooman of my own.

I have a sunny personality and a need for medication everyday for the rest of my life. So the perfect hooman for me knows about insulinoma and knows how to test my blood sugar so that I have a good record for the vet.

This hooman will also know how to give me my medication everyday and won’t be tricked into giving me those yummy snacks I crave.

I maybe little and have a medical condition but I have a lot of love to give to the perfect hooman. Are you that hooman?

Note: Summer is most likely on Prednisone and will need vet care more often than a ferret without insulinoma.

While Prednisone isn’t expensive finding a pharmacy that will fill a vet prescription can be time consuming. Ask your vet for a pharmacy they have dealt with before.

Disclosure: I get no compensation for featuring ferrets on my blog from Pet Finder or the shelter that has the featured ferret.

The commentary from the point of view of each ferret is my own take on the information given or not given depending on the shelter, rescue, or society and should not be taken seriously unless noted in a note or the disclosure.

Insulinoma is a type of cancer that can shorten the lives of ferrets. With that said Summer is part of this weeks less adoptable pets because 1. She is a ferret and 2. She is considered special needs. Those two items would make her harder to place with the right person but I know the right one is out there just looking for a fuzzy to love.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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