Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ferret Giving Tree

Last year Enlightened Ferret was Santa to Gibbs from Stinky Pete’s Resort this year we have chosen Murray from the Fox Valley Ferret Shelter. (click on the picture to read about Murray)

Fox Valley Ferret Shelter helps mainly older and special needs ferrets.

If you would like to help be part of the gift giving for Murray or any other ferret that is on the trees at the Ferret Giving Tree and are unsure of what to give these little guys you can leave a comment or send an email to enlightenedferret@hotmail.com or tweet me @informedferret for some ideas.

Like all shelters both human and animal these are experiencing financial difficulties. For many of these shelters the most needed items besides money are as follows

Paper towels

Food: each shelter has a list of what they use but some are Marshalls, totally ferret, Evo for Ferrets.

cleaning supplies



baby wipes

Gerber baby food (Chicken, Turkey) for duck soup


nail clippers (cat)

and of course toys


Have a Chittering good day,


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