Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just James

Hi all Iz James from Boalsburg, PA and at the moment Iz living with foster parentz. My sister Audrey went OTRB recently but Iz dealing with that and have some really great ferret friends that don’t let me get too sad about it.

Wez were found behind a local vet office where a hooman abandoned uz. Luckily wez were found and the vet took good care of uz and wez was good and patient wif the vet while wez waz examined. So while Audrey went OTRB Iz looking for a forever home down here until itz time to meet Audrey again.

Iz like playing wif other ferretz and mez foster parentz have a large doggie dat I like tooz. Iz hope youz will visit Ferret Rescue 

and fill out the adoption application for mez.


Disclosure: I receive no compensation for making these posts. I browse the pet finder site and chose a ferret to feature on Enlightened Ferret. The information contained in the bios each ferret gives is taken from the site and put into his/her own words.

Have a Chittering good day,


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